2006_01_06 HF Listening!

HF listenings, from January, 6, 2006. Nice to hear Amazonic Center on HF again, after a long time inop.

Some listenings of New York http://il62m.multiply.com/music/item/19

Some listenings of Dakar OAC http://il62m.multiply.com/music/item/8

Santa Maria OAC http://il62m.multiply.com/music/item/24

Centro Amazonico HF http://il62m.multiply.com/music/item/12
Finally Centro Amazonico is operating HF. The QRG is 8855 Khz. On the listenings is possible to hear RG2097, AM015, CO092, AA962.

I'm using Multiply due some problems with the Putfile, but the interface is pretty easy.


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